Getting the Love You Want, Couples Workshop

Comments from Participants

"My partner and I have a loving and satisfying relationship, but the workshop is going to enable us to work through problem areas we 'endured' or have given up on so that we can have a more active and joyful life together."

"This workshop saved my marriage. We learned that marriage is not a compromise but a win/win situation."

"I think this is an incredibly powerful workshop for couples at any stage of a relationship."

"Thanks to the workshop my partner and I have a common bond where one really didn't exist before."

"A practical transformational technique for letting love in!"

"The workshop is great because you learn and take home "tools" to apply to the relationship."

"The workshop has added depth and greater meaning to our relationship."

"Wonderful! Everyone should learn this "stuff"! The world would be a safer place... and our kids may grow up OK."

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